Healthcare IT

Sequel Technologies is a recognized vendor delivering innovative, scalable technologies and solutions that respond to and anticipate the market's needs while providing sustainable value to our customers. We understand the fast changing and complicated healthcare landscape and work to automate and simplify a range of tasks and processes that confront hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare players. We help improve outcomes at clinical level that ultimately leads to better healthcare and we take pride in this.

Healthcare Interoperability

Sequel Technologies enables seamless information exchange across all stakeholders. Support is available for:

  • Health information exchanges
  • Labs for electronic orders and results
  • Pharmacies
  • Payers
  • Radiology / imaging services
  • Hospital networks
  • Referring providers
  • Immunization registries
  • Specialty registries
  • Electronic devices

Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2

Meaningful Use incentive program persuades medical professionals to use certified electronic health records to improve patient care. Sequel Technologies provides physician and practices with the tools and resources required to earn Meaningful Use incentives and avoid penalties.

MU Success Services from Sequel Technologies provide you with 1:1 remote sessions with one of our Meaningful Use Specialists. Let us help you navigate MU, making it a breeze for you to complete a successful attestation.

Planning and educating yourself is important to achieving MU. Some providers believe they understand a measure but misinterpret it, or possibly submit their data improperly. With the help of Meaningful Use Success Services, you will know what to do prior to an audit, or what to do if you are going through one.

Electronic Healthcare Record Services (EHR)

Constructing a patients' medical history reports is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks that a healthcare physician in the U.S has to go thorough. Creating treatment plan, transcription processes and finally proof-reading it for mistakes are some of the other wearisome and monotonous tasks that a physician has to perform.

At Sequel Technologies, we have the perfect health care software that can handle all these tasks and help you concentrate more on patient care. Our EHR software is a medical healthcare management software that can enable you to manage your patient charts in a simple and easy manner. Outsource to Sequel Technologies and get rid of these tiresome tasks.

Claims Processing Software Services

At Sequel Technologies, we have expertise in developing a medical claims processing software that is user-friendly and has an integrated system. Based on your health care software requirements, we will design a claims processing software that is built to handle your needs. The claims processing software that we develop produces HIPPA medical compliance claims that are electronically transmitted. Sequel Technologies' medical claims processing software includes claim, accounts receivable and EMR software validation for varied medical specialties.

By using Sequel Technologies' claims processing software, you can enable bulk claim creation, submit unlimited direct claim transactions and customize the software. Our claims processing software has attractive features such as, pre-configured reports and built-in editing features.