Healthcare IT Projects

Electronic Practice Management (EPM)

Electronic Practice Management software by Sequel Technologies is an all-inclusive solution for medical billing companies, hospitals and medical practices of all kinds. Our Practice Management solution fully automates the otherwise tedious parts of billing cycle. Its design and functionalities aim to address the most crucial elements required in today's work environments: simplicity, speed, accuracy and responsiveness to the integrated healthcare delivery system. From patient registration to claim processing it covers up all the clinical procedures and delivers analytical reports for decision making.

Sequel Technologies EPM solution is ideal for both small and large, single and multi-specialty physician practices, medical billing companies and hospitals. Our practice management solution fits best in the integrated healthcare delivery systems and is responsive to no-fault, workers compensation and all other insurers' plans.

Practice management software is fully integrated with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software, allowing practices to connect EPM and EMR resulting in a medical software solution that takes care of all your tasks - clinical as well as administrative. Our medical practice management software is fully equipped to supports information sharing among different groups while maintaining the independence of each practice.

Take Aways from Practice Management Software

Sequel Technologies Electronic Practice Management Software:

  • Takes care of each medical case comprehensively taking it up from the beginning and while seamlessly processing all the stages of a practice maintains unique records till the final payments.
  • Automates incoming and outgoing payments where there are no chances that something will slip through the cracks. It speeds up the cash flow and improves productivity.
  • Automates batch processing maintaining tiers of records, batch process administration reports, medical case statements, financial reports and patient ledgers.
  • Scrubs claims electronically ensuring each patient's eligibility, authorization and accurate coding for billing.
  • Is designed to carry out plan specific edits and regulations
  • Is fully capable to carry out automated and integrated document management. EPM is logically set to index and archive electronic reports and records and is backed by maximum security protocols.
  • Easy to connect with EMR application maximizing the potential of each seamlessly
  • Links all locations of a practice/enterprise within and with third party systems as well as clearinghouses and calls on variety of reports.
  • Improves front desk and back office efficiency.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an integrated solution combining with our Practice Management and EMR solutions for healthcare providers. Sequel Technologies EHR solution not only changes your patient records to electronic health records but at the same time it offers a broader solution with a variety of features. EHR gives you quick access to your patient health information and innovative decision-making tools. Our Electronic Health Record software is a certified technology complying the HITECH Meaningful Use criteria and HIPAA Privacy Rule.

There is a range of clinical outcomes tied to the adoption and usage of Sequel's EHR solution. Physicians and office administrators frequently report reduction in the number of medication errors, enhanced patient care and patient satisfaction as well as improved assessment through the in-built system that smoothly leads to decision making processes.

Take Aways from EHR Software

Sequel Technologies Electronic Health Record offers:

  • Complete practice solutions that involve archiving and updates on: patient history patient problem, and physical exams, vital signs allergies and immunizations, medications, lab and pharmacy orders, diagnostic results.
  • Automated administrative and management environment from billing, charges, payments denials, plan and following up. Patient admission and management, resource planning, monitoring of public health issues and overall reporting procedures become hassle free.
  • In-built tools and alerts to help managers and physicians assist in decision making. EHR offers an overview of the dashboard presenting activity at physician, secretarial and financial circles.
  • Thorough workflow optimization through in-built specialty specific templates those are easy to customize and help everybody inside the practice to modify the workflow as per their suitability and easiness. Customization actions in EHR are quite simple and users can do on their own otherwise Sequel Technologies support team is there to help out.
  • Advanced and secure internal and external communication practices through integration of e-mail, fax and instant messaging among all involved in the process of healthcare delivery system. There is no delay or communication gaps while using our result producing and certified EHR.
  • Sequel Technologies is a wonderful system of information exchange when it functions with Patient Portal and Electronic Practice Management sharing patient health records and other data with laboratories, pharmacies and referring providers.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal is an ideal too in healthcare management where physicians and patients can connect, exchange information and participate in an unprecedentedly convenient manner. Sequel Technologies Patient Portal tool facilitates patients and providers equally. If on one hand it gives patients an easy and instantaneous access to their information, on the other hand its adoption offers providers to find more time on their primary responsibility that is patient care.

Take Aways from Patient Portal

Sequel Technologies Patient Portal offers:

  • Information, education and communication that are crucial in patient care. Patient Portal ensures communication in real time. Our Patient Portal tool brings forth electronic communication channels that ensure speedy patient-provider communication through built-in messaging in real time and updating through reminders and alerts.
  • Online patient appointments and scheduling for the chosen date and day of the week and time slots.
  • Hassle free patient registration, automatic and easy updating and editing
  • Specialty referrals are easily managed and health information and data files are shared through secure personal pages.
  • Round the clock (24/7) access to PHR (Personal Health Records) from anywhere and at any time.
  • Allows medication renewals and refills electronically and helps save ongoing communication related expenses against phone and postal charges.
  • Lab results and reports in electronic form including digital copies of X-Rays, MRI scans, EMG reports, CT scans
  • Facilitation of online payment and settlements can be viewed on unique portals of each patient with transaction and balance updates.
  • Increased workflow efficiency, saves time, and improves patient care. Facilitation of online payment and settlements can be viewed on unique portals of each patient with transaction and balance updates.
  • Virtual visit and consultation facility allowing patients to submit signs and symptoms of the disease online to which providers respond giving advice or suggesting an appointment in person.
  • Patient Portal is a web-based solution that works on all browsers and devices: desktops, laptops, tablets smartphones and is protected through secured login algorithms.
  • Our Patient Portal has a contributory role while meeting the many of the Meaningful Use criteria.